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Our dream come true...

Dave and I met 7 ½ years ago.  How in the world did a man with a doctorate in bugs and a background in developing things to kill them and a tree hugging, rose colored glasses wearing woman make a “Match”?  We both shake our heads in amazement.  But, it works for us!



Our dream of being out in the country came together early on in our relationship.  A drive from Indiana to New Hampshire opened up the conversation as we drove through rolling hills and then mountains.  Dave’s youth was spent whitewater kayaking in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  It was his happy place.  I had dreamed for 15+ years of creating a space for tired, dissatisfied, unhappy, unhealthy people to come to reconnect with themselves and nature. So, we set a goal to find at least 20 acres near whitewater rivers to combine both of our dreamed up happy places.  The timeline was 5 years but we slid past that and crept into 6 then 7 years until I put my foot down and said, “It's now or never!”


Welcome to Down the Rabbit Hole Acres!  Searches in West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania didn’t work out so we expanded into Ohio and we found our paradise.  Perched on the top of a large hill in southeastern Ohio, our 96 acres consists of 20 acres of “tillable” land, currently hayfields, 6 acres of lawn and 70 acres of woods making up the perimeter. Talk about overachieving our goal of 20 acres!!  The original 1908 farm house was owned by the Gordons, hence we live on Gordon Lane. The original porch wraps around the south and east sides of the house providing the perfect place to sit and watch the sunrise while the large covered deck on the northside is our favorite spot for end of day conversations and sunset views.


The name of our property represents what it means to us and what, we hope, will happen to our guests.  Down a rabbit hole into a labyrinth of possible directions. Rest, play, be taken care of, take care of yourself, woods, meadows, gardening, herbs, massage, yoga, woodworking, cooking, milk a goat, collect eggs, spin some wool, make cheese, make soap, meditate, sit and stare, star gazing, read a book, explore your chakras, or do nothing…...we are here to help you reconnect with yourself or make a connect you’ve never experienced.


Dave is a master woodcrafter and builder/fixer of all things needed to get built/fixed.  I come up with the creative vision and he is the detail man.  He calls me his “paradigm shifter” as he will get stuck on one piece of a puzzle, not able to move forward, and I can supply the different viewpoint to get the  ball rolling again. I, on the other hand, can have a grand creation in my head but lack the step-by-step instructions for getting it out of my head and into form.  He is the catalyst for my ideas!  We do butt heads but we have become a dynamic duo of creative energy.  


One finger of the hayfield that pokes into the woods will become the home of a cozy yurt soon.  Far enough from our home to afford our guests their privacy but close enough for me to deliver delicious, home cooked meals, the accommodations will be welcoming and earthy.  A deck with tables and chairs encourages guests to dine outside or can be moved aside for Restorative yoga instruction, meditation or a massage under the open sky.  We will be offering opportunities to learn a wide range of new skills from gardening, woodworking, and herbal health to animal husbandry.  If all goes as planned we will have goats and alpacas joining our flock of chickens in the near future. Nature walks to learn about foraging for food and medicinal plants will be offered and exploring the property is highly encouraged.  


Get away & Breathe

Our goal is to offer guests a glimpse at a slower life more connected to nature.  I want to share my passion for caring for others through massage therapy, herbal health, yoga and meditation.  I want our guests to experience what nature has to offer and learn what our role is in caring for it in return.  Guests of all ages will be welcome and we encourage exploration in an unstructured manner to engage curiosity.  

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