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FLUSH - Because we all need to "go" some time

This is a blend of herbs to help "move things along."  It is very rare that your digestive system is truly dirty so I don't like to use the term "cleanse."  But there are times when things have become stagnant and could use some help.  These herbs have histories of helping that process. Helping the linings of the digestive system slough off what has gotten stuck without being harsh and stripping your natural, health biome.  When your system has slowed down you cannot absorb the nutrients needed to stay healthy and that extra waste can start to cause gas and bloating as it breaksdown.  These herbs, when taken as suggested, are gentle but very effective.


I suggest starting with taking 1 capsule after your evening meal and before going to bed.  Much of our digestive processes happen while you sleep.  If you get healthy "results" the next day you should continue taking just ! capsule for a total of 10 days.  If you need a bit more help you may increase the dose by 1 additional capsule up to a total of 4 within 24 hours. This product should not be taken for more than 10 days and may be repeated up to 4 times per year.  


34 capsules


Ingredients: Cape Aloe Vera leaf, Senna leaf, Sascara Sagrada bark, Barberry root, ginger root, fennel seed, garlic, cayenne pepper, black walnut hull, clove wormwood leaf


This product is home produced and processed.

FLUSH - Because we all need to "go" some time

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