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Jerome the Wise

I have always been fascinated with the "others."  The gnomes, the faires, the creatures of lore. And I have always had a love of textural art.  I now have time to bring my versions of the creatures in my head out to play in the form of needle felted art.  Each piece starts out as a rather vague concept then evolves as I work on it.  Ideas I come up with working on one may find a home in the next one.  Each is a one of a kind piece but you may see similar elements in several. 


The prices listed are for the ones I have created.  If I have time and the elements needed, I am happy to take a special order.  There is an extra charge for those and it will depend on how much detail you want.  If it is just a change in the color it is 10% more.  If you want elements changed or added the extra charge will be on a case by case basis.  AND, in most cases, I will need at least a 2 week lead time for shipping.  

Jerome the Wise

  • I will try to work with you if you are not happy with your purchase once you receive it.  Special orders are not refundable.  I will send you photos of the final product prior to shipping to assure it is what you wanted. Seasonal/Holiday items are only refundable if received back in my care within one week of you receiving them or 1 week prior to the Holiday whichever is sooner. Returns are allowed but you will need to cover the postage to and from.  Returned items must arrive in the same condition I sent them in and photographs are taken at the time of shipping.  If damage occurs do to mishandling by the Post Office you will need to file a claim directly with them.  Be sure to request extra insurance if you want it on items with greater than $50 value. I have NEVER had that happen but I have heard of other venders experiencing gorrillas  delivering mail.....LOL!  All of my items are precious to me and are packaged with care.  I have shipped things for over 20 years and have yet to have something damaged in transit.

  • These creatures are not toys and not suitable for young children. Nor are they pet toys.  They should not be exposed to water or dampness as that will change there shape and, in some case, cause color to bleed.  If they become dusty using a air drier or fan on low/cool setting is appropriate.  They CAN be handled but with care!

    Wearable pieace may be hand washed as you would any wool garment.  Do NOT twist or wring excess water out.  Lay flat on a towel, rolled towel into a tube shape and gentle press.  Unroll towel and position garment into it original shape.  Allow to air dry. I find room temperature water is best.....unless of course you live on the sun or the dark side of the moon in which case that will be WAY too hot or too cold.

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