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Purrfectea Meowverlous Tea

Herbs aren't just for humans! In fact, animals instinctively know how to make themselves feel better by eating plants. Here is your chance to share some 100% organic catnip for your feline friend. Different cats react in their own way to catnip. For most, it has sedative qualities, but some will become energized and "goofy" even just smelling it. I'm currently watching Zosha pawing at the container filled with the catnip I used to fill my latest orders with. Pretty soon, she will decide it is time to take a nap. Phantom, on the other hand, will remember some or her youthful playfulness after a few laps of the saucer I put down for her. I let Phester smell it to calm him down with the outdoor cats peer in the windows and upset the indoor cats.


This is an approx. .6 oz package containing 9+ servings depending on how strong you brew it. A little goes a long way, in my opinion, so you could 1/2 the recommended 3 tsp per 8 oz water down to 1.5 tsp and double your servings.

Purrfectea Meowverlous Tea

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