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Fall down the rabbit hole and fall in love with this place!

Goodness how well we are growing here! Some much happening and I haven't taken the time to update our website so it is time to catch up. While I LOVE living in the country the internet speed leaves a lot to desire. I guess that is somewhat the theme I was going for though, wasn't it? Being more unplugged and more connected to what really, soil, people, animals and slower pace. That'll teach me to watch what I ask for.....LOL!

Well, folks, our dreams are coming to life around here. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I decided to hold off on build a guest quarters this year so I could focus on building the infrastructure. It makes sense to have the things that will attract guests ready before the guests start showing up, right? Well, the barn is up, its full of hay on one side and, YESSSS, the animals are now filling up the other side. OH MY GOSH! I am totally smitten with our new family members.

First to arrive were the goats. They were unplanned additions this year but when a family member decided to move across country and needed a new home for 4 goats who could turn that down? Meet Floxi, Naughty, Nilly and Pilly! In college I had to take a derivatives class and remember the word "floccinaucinihilipilification".

We were told it meant to "make small or little." Our new goats are miniature Alpines! Get it? Mini....Little? OK, humor me! Floxi is the mother of the twins, Nilly and Pilly. Naughty is a wethered male and lives up to his name but being a little guy with a big attitude.

Floxie and Nilly will be bred to Tiny Tim next Spring when he comes to live with us from a friend in Kentucky. Joining the herd at the same time will be Avena and Lily, also coming from Kentucky.

Next to join us came Dagda (Irish god of strength, agriculture, magic and wisdom) and Lugh (Irish supernatural being associated with the harvest, the truth, the arts and known for his skill with a spear) these two are the barn cats in charge of keeping rodents out and bringing smiles every time I go to the barn. They came from a goat farm and took an immediate liking to our herd. Floxi on the other hand is less than thrilled when Lugh thinks sitting on her back while she eats is a great place to be!

Our final additions this year came in the form of my 4 delightful, gorgeous alpaca boys! Their arrival has been long anticipated but had to wait until after the youngest had his debut at a county fair as a 4H project. Please welcome Santana (3 y.o. Bay Black Huacaya and future herdsire), Eli (3 y.o. white male Huacaya), Salem (3 y.o. medium brown male Suri) and baby Morgan (1 y.o. redish brown male Huacaya/Suri mix).

Oh my goodness, my heart is so full each time I step out my front door. Goats bleating, kittens romping and the alpacas looking on with an air of disdain until I get close enough for Santana to give me kisses. Yep, you read that right! He give the most delightful, snuffly, huffy alpaca kisses if he approves of you!

To finish off the fabulous things showing up on the farm is this! Finally! My license from the Ohio Medical Board authorizing me, as a licensed massage therapist, to finally get back to practicing what has been my passion for 20 years now. Caring for people and teaching them to care for themselves. Life just keeps getting better, happier and fuller here on our hill.

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