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Who can say "nope" to soap?!

I've been having some good clean fun up here on the hill! Soap making has sorta taken over my kitchen. Some day I will have a second kitchen in our basement but, for now, cooking has to share space with salves, lotions, tinctures, tea blending and, now, soap making! Don't worry!! Each project is kept separate from the others and cleaned up after before I start the next.

Who wouldn't fall in love with the art of soap making when there are so many possibilities. You get to pick the oils, the scents, the colors and the shapes! There is a science to it as different oils/fats react differently with each other and the amount of sodium hydroxide used to cause the saponification reaction must be carefully calculated. Even the essential oils used for fragrance and clay or powders used for color can change how quickly the soap sets up and what the end result will feel like! The blending of art and science is fascinating to me!

I have enjoyed learning how to look to nature to keep me healthy and, in doing so, be available to help others achieve that goal. For more than 2 decades now I've focused on nature-based answers. Soap making is another tool I have to move away from harsh chemicals that aren't good for people and certainly aren't good for our Earth. My soaps are all natural with a focus on locally sourced base materials (lard/tallow) and milk from my own goats! Many of the oils I use are infused with herbs I grow or forage from my own property! This year I will also be focusing on growing the plants I use as colorants.

Hop over to our shop and let me know which soap you'd like me to send your way. I offer a 10% discount if you order a full batch! I will be hosting soap making classes in the future so send me a note if you want to be on the list for notification!

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